TaylorMade Daddy Long Legs Putter, Uniflex

TaylorMade Daddy Long Legs Putter, UniflexBuy It NowThe TaylorMade Daddy Long Legs line of putters is renowned among tour pros and amateurs for remarkable forgiveness and stability. The newest model, Daddy Long Legs, is the most stable of them all.

Recent Customer Review: This putter is excellent. There is a sense of weight in the head that ensures a smoother roll and minimizes short putts. Shaft angle allows one to place his eyes over the head and align with confidence. The alignment aids assist in directional control. The weight in the head provides good feel and the solidity of the stroke generated inspires confidence as well. I putt substantially better with this club and would recommend it to others with confidence.

Tour Edge 2 Backdraft GT Plus Putter

Tour Edge 2 Backdraft GT Plus PutterBuy It NowThe new Backdraft GT+ features four designs with a jumbo grip all for less than $50. It is an outstanding way for golfers to try jumbo grips without re-gripping their favorite putter. The super-sized grip helps prevent the golfers’ wrists from breaking down making it easier to create a pure pendulum stroke. What’s more, it reduces grip pressure and minimize club head rotation for more made putts.

Odyssey White Ice 1 Putter

Odyssey White Ice 1 PutterBuy It NowThe new White Ice Putters from Odyssey combine Tour trusted shapes with a new look and better feel. The new White Ice Insert is our best feeling, multi-layer insert to date. Developed after extensive feedback from players on Tour, our engineers have enhanced the sound, responsiveness and consistency of the insert. The face surface has been roughened to enhance the sound at impact with softer golf balls. The rough texture also helps increase friction between the ball and the insert to promote forward roll. Coupled with a new Dark Nickel finish, the new White Ice putters combine Tour-proven looks with Tour-inspired feel.

Odyssey White Hot Tour #9 Putter

Odyssey White Hot Tour #9 PutterBuy It NowTour professionals have every element of their putters customized to their exacting preferences. The shape, insert, headweight and shaft merge flawlessly to fit their needs. Now, for the first time, every golfer can have a putter that features all those design elements. The unique weight ports in the sole allow our engineers to precisely control the putterhead’s weight so it can be optimized with the specific shaft length for impeccable consistency, control and performance. Each Odyssey White Hot Tour #9 Putter uses the new White Hot Tour insert that features a firmer feel for the feedback and responsiveness accomplished players seek. The Tour preferred bronze finish helps reduce glare for better visibility acuity.

Odyssey Versa 9 White Hot Insert Putter

Odyssey Versa 9 White Hot Insert PutterBuy It NowThe Odyssey Versa 9 White Hot Insert Putter has a black and white contrast allowing your eyes to key in on the putter’s linear designs to highlight the face angle and actually improve concentration. The Versa line is also offered in multiple tour proven head shapes, two different color combinations and a new and improved White Hot insert.

Taylormade Rossa Corza Ghost Putter 33 Inches

Taylormade Rossa Corza Ghost Putter 33 InchesBuy It NowThe TaylorMade®
Rossa Corza Ghost putter was designed to be easy to see. The contrast of the white head against the green makes it easier to see the topline and target line, and three black lines assist in alignment. ASGI+ inserts negate backspin and promote forward spin for better roll.

Two-Way Putter – Left and Right Hand

Two-Way Putter - Left and Right HandBuy It NowA well balanaced, easy to use Two-Way Putter suitable for left or right-handed players and perfect for practice.

Pinemeadow PGX Putter

Pinemeadow PGX PutterBuy It NowThe putter features a precise white finish which stands out when the putter is in the address position on the green. This contrast of the white color against the green grass really helps maintain focus on the alignment lines that help ensure that your putter is on target at start. At 380g the additional 40g weight of the mallet putter is “tour-weighted”, suited best for the faster greens that are more and more common around the world. You’ll also get a smooth forward spinning ball at impact with reduced skid giving you stability in your putting game.

Odyssey Women’s White Hot Pro V-Line Putter

Odyssey Women's White Hot Pro V-Line PutterBuy It Now The New and improved Odyssey Women’s White Hot Pro V-Line Putter is highly engineered for more consistent sound, feel and performance across the striking surface. Features a brushed steel finish for a more appealing look at address and heavier putter heads enhance feel and control.

Odyssey Backstryke Marxman Putter

Odyssey Backstryke Marxman PutterBuy It NowWith an extended mallet head that features perimeter-weighted rings, Hi-Def alignment, and a Stroke Balance shaft, the Backstryke Marxman putter just might change the way you think about putting.

Visible Face Alignment gives you clear sight for parallel and perpendicular alignment aids, while forward press stabilization allows a hands-forward position, without de-lofting, which promotes an upward stroke into the ball. The shaft position also helps create a stable, straight line with your leading arm, so your wrists are less likely to break down during the stroke. This type of ascending stroke imparts topsin faster, generating true roll. The position of your hands also encourages a longer and lower follow through for better consistency, while the putter is balanced on the axis of the putting stroke, which promotes a fluid, stable stroke path that is more consistent and accurate, and also leads to better distance control.

A multi-layer White Ice insert features a rough surface to enhance the sound at impact and increase friction to promote forward roll.