Butch Harmon About Golf ( DVD )

Butch Harmon About GolfBuy It NowFeaturing the talents of golfing great Lanny Wadkins, former PGA of America President Tom Addis III, and the voice of pro football himself, Mr. Charlie Jones, The Essentials of Golf is your first and best resource for golf information. A must-have for beginning and intermediate players alike, the DVD covers everything you need to know about playing golf outside of hitting the ball. It features a distinct, menu-driven interface so that you can go directly to your favorite topics. Subjects include Pace of Play, Warm Up and Practice, Etiquette, Care of Course, Golf Car Use, Courtesy to Others, and many more essentials of playing on the golf course!

Golf Channel – Jim McLean: The 8 Swing Step ( DVD )

Golf Channel - Jim McLean: The 8 Swing StepBuy It NowRenowned golf teacher Jim McLean’s The 8-Step Swing provides a lifetime’s worth of golf magazine tips compressed into an 80-minute video, which is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, the video will overwhelm most golfers if they watch it in one sitting. Not only does McLean break the full golf swing into eight distinct steps, or checkpoints, but at each step he provides a wealth of tips, drills, and “death moves” (faults from which no golfer can recover). Trying to keep all these pointers in mind on the golf course would be impossible. But for the golfer with the patience to consume the video in small doses, McLean’s advice can help piece together a fundamentally sound full golf swing. None of the tips here are unique or unconventional. The strength of McLean’s video is in the breadth of traditional fundamentals covered.

Golf Made Simple – Improve Your Golf Swing Indoors ( DVD )

Golf Made Simple - Improve Your Golf Swing IndoorsBuy It NowLearning to understand your Strengths and Weaknesses – both in your golf swing and in your body – is the best step you can take in developing a consistent Golf Swing. Discover the compensations that are causing Inconsistency by using a Golf Made Simple Drill to correct that swing compensation. Then we accompany each Drill with an exercise to Strengthen your body.

Troubles and Solutions – Single Plane Golf Swing ( DVD )

Troubles and Solutions for the Moe Norman Single Plane Golf SwingBuy It NowWhen Moe said, “I learn from every shot”; Moe expressed this intuition. By combining his intuition with dedicated practice and training Moe became a master ball striker; possibly the world’s greatest. This video is dedicated to the Yin and the Yang of mastering the skill of golf ball striking.

How to Beat the Bogey Man ( DVD )

How to Beat the Bogey ManBuy It NowDrop 3-5 strokes off your golf game in 30 days with instruction from Dr. Travis Fox. Beat The Bogey Man is a radically new, Patent Pending approach to golf instruction; one that focuses on both the mental and physical aspects of golf. Each DVD comes with an extended length CD that digs in deaper to the techniques demonstrated on the DVDs.

Mike Jacobs’ Explosive Golf ( DVD )

Mike Jacobs Explosive GolfBuy It NowMike Jacobs, G.S.E. M. Explosive Golf is the instructional DVD golfers have been waiting for. Designed for golfers of all ages and abilities, Explosive Golf will show you the secrets of effortless power in easy, memorable, informative steps. You will learn; The secrets to effortless power and accuracy. Revolutionary swing concepts that are easy to learn and apply. Demonstrations that will build a picture perfect swing. And the fundamentals that will allow you to play consistently and confidently.