This Privacy Policy is designed to assist you with understanding how we manage the information you may provide to us.

What Information Do We Collect?

When you visit our you may provide us with your general contact details and name through contact emails and other general emails. This information is only used for purpose they were sent for, we do not log or record any information or data within contact emails.


Tucson Golf Info does set cookies to track return visitor statistics. This data is not crossed referenced with any other data outside of the statistical program. All traffic data is automatically purged from the database every 90 days, backups will reflect the purge after it has taken place.

To opt out of cookie tracking, set your browser to be incognito or disable cookies.

Email Information

We do not store or record eMail data. All contact emails are deleted after business has been completed.


If you have a question about the Privacy Policy please don’t hesitate to Contact Us directly for a prompt response.